Of Course It Didn’t Last

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Are Over!

[photo courtesy prez hilton]

Who actually thought that the Michelle “I need a beard to appear bisexual” Rodriquez was in a real romance with Zac “I need financial help” Efron anyway? I mean come on, it was a near perfect arrangwment because it seemed that despite all of Michelle’s proclamations about loving “Sausage” the closest that she publicly got to it was when it was on a pizza.

So yes Zac and Michelle Rodriguez have called it quits after a torrid (for the paparazzi) two month romance (cough cough)! Not even shirtless horseback riding could save their relationship (When one considers Rodriquez is a lesbian and Zac (well there’s rumors)! Oh was I supposed to write “Allegedly a lesbian”? um just sayin’

Apparently, the two split after getting into a huge fight in Ibiza, Spain, according to a someone who likes to make things up.

According to this source, it seems that Zac might have been more into Michelle than she was into him. Well D-U-H, anywho I wonder who the other woman was?  probably some supermodel.

It probably went down like this:

Michelle had one, two or seven shots of Petrone (After all she does like her liquor) and some babe caught her eye and it was “Zac who?”

Besides Michelle’s ex Cara Delevingne lashed out in explosive Twitter rant after THOSE Michelle Rodriquez and Zac Efron holiday pictures emerged and we ALL knew it was only a matter of time before our Prodigal Dyke returned to the fold.

Oh am I supposed to say “Allegedly” Oh Well I don’t have any money Michelle.

The Unbelievably Boring and Unimaginative Adventures of Ice Dragon and the Cookie

Maybe I shouldn’t have complained bout the hosting services that I was testing because…Well the universe wasn’t having any of my belly-aching and whining and so it made everything go BOOM! and what I thought was an error on the part  of the web servers turned out to be my Ice Dragon Web Browser. The heart breaking thing is that I lost the customizations and articles I had created and have to start all over AGAIN!

This is what happened: The Ice Dragon web browser by Comodo is a secure browser designed and built on the core features of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

It’s also my default browser and has a lot of mileage.  Apparently it also has a mind of its own and decided that no matter how many times I clear the cache and deleted cookies, the browser was going to show me an old Concrete5 website that I had created. No matter which hosting site I had my domain on the browser kept showing me the old Concrete5 website.  So I posted on that webpage that I didn’t know what was going on.

Eventually I wrote tech support of my latest web host and was informed that my site appeared to them and it wasn’t concrete5. That’s when it dawned on me that I may haveto uninstall and reinstall Ice Dragon browser to start fresh. I did so and now my site is back

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The GREAT Escape

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The GREAT Escape



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As I continue my Scarlett summer…BREAKING NEWS:

Scarlett Johansson wins French novel lookalike case

 PARIS  – Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson won damages on Wednesday against a French author whose novel features a character resembling the starlet who is treated as a sex object.

A Paris court ordered novelist Gregoire Delacourt to pay Johansson 2,500 euros ($3400) for his “hurtful and demeaning” depiction of a female lookalike in his book “The First Thing We Look At”.


The actress had sought 50,000 euros ($70,000) in compensation after accusing Delacourt of using her image to promote the novel, which has sold 100,000 copies since it was published in 2013.

The first part of the book is told through the eyes of a garage mechanic who “resembles a better version of Ryan Gosling” and thinks the book’s heroine is Johansson when she turns up on his doorstep.

The woman’s looks means men see her as a sex object and the character is involved in a series of amourous relationships that prosecutor Vincent Toledano claimed “never existed”.

“For Scarlett Johansson, the fact that she is attributed two relationships that she never mentioned herself is hurtful and demeaning,” the court said.

The actress also sought an injunction to stop the novel being translated or adapted for cinema, which was thrown out by the court.

Johansson’s lawyer declared himself “extremely pleased” with the verdict, while Delacourt’s defence team called the compensation “derisory”.

Speaking when the actress launched the case in May, defense lawyer Anne Veil said if Delacourt had known Johansson would have “kicked up such a racket, he would have chosen someone else”.

  — Agence France-Presse

Edtor’s Note: In my opinion Johansson was awarded a nominal judgement, it must have been the principle she was suing about.

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